Like talking to a canadian from 'a' to 'zed.'

How's it going, huh?

If you're new to Canada, you can scratch your head over some of the weird words and words of Canadians. So we broke some of our Canadian canadis in alphabetical order, so it's easy to remember. That's it

Well, it doesn't start with "A," but it sounds like, huh? In fact, "eh" is the word that we say at the end of the sentence, when we want someone to agree with us. Same as "Am I right?"

Is this a sweet treat for butter, sugar, syrup, eggs, and ... magic? Quality in a cup. If you like it, you can go to

C: Canadian tuxedo

Denit from the top. Disappear at the bottom. It looks just as good at a wedding as on the snowmobile snow

A coffee with two creams and two sugars

As in "Just give me". " It's a way to tell someone to do what they want to do really well

The word we did, because we're too polite to fight

G: Great One a.k.a Wayne Gretzky

This guy is a hockey legend from Brantford, Ontario. It is the leading scorer in the history of NHL, with great achievement of goals and assistance than any other player. Anyway, he's very good

The pucks and washers who made Wayne Gretzky the Great. People play it in the field, about frozen ponds, on the roads and in their dreams. Saturday will be the hockey night in Canada

It's when you go into the middle of a frozen lake, cut the hole in the ice and wait. Finally, sport, which combines the joy of patience and cold

J: Justin Trudeau

Our esteemed and ridiculous Prime Minister. He is the son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, a former noble and charming Prime Minister

Potatoes, plus ketchup. Mathematics

The stakes are one dollar coin. The bird on the front is a fetus. It's an official Ontario provincial bird, and it sounds like a cool sound that you hear. If you are not sure that you will get good grade for your paper, buy essay with us and make sure that you receive A+ paper.

M: May 2 or May 4 on the west coast

This is a three-day weekend in May, when people in a cottage, in a group of picnics and in the pallet where the fireworks are located. Holiday-Victoria Day, which began on the birthday of Queen Victoria. It's an unofficial start of summer for many trucks

Ambard desert, named after Nanaimo, British Columbia. These aliases combine some of the largest, chocolate, mooring, and coconut

This is the capital of our nation. Some people think it's Toronto, but it's definitely Ottawa. Where the parliament is, and where politicians debated current and future problems

Nuts with sauce and cheese curls. Note: Some sites try to throw some crushed mozzarella at the top and call it regular mail, but a real deal with cheesy Cossacks. Trust

Here, French is the only official language. This is the second most populous province after Ontario. Montreal is the capital (there are Montréal bagels and Montreal meat.) So. It's hungry. Now

It's in Toronto Raptors to be the only Canadian basketball team ... and even more important ... the only NBA team will have a damn dinosaur as their mascot. So glad

It's just a fancy way of saying a napkin

It's a knitting cap you wear on your head. We'll warm it during our harsh winter. It's also great for the bad days

U: A letter that you add to the letters of words in Canada

You need to add "U" to a group of words to correctly write them in Canada. (Color, honor, catalog, neighbor, check, behavior. Get out of the car court. I'm Canadian

The city on the west coast, where they speak fluent yoga

As we say, in the bathroom, in the bathroom, in the water supply, however you call your business

Some Canadians do. Yes

Not a yellow knife. This is the capital of the Northwest Territories. And cold cold

Don't be. Zed. No, the alphabet doesn't rhyme when you say "food," but it's right in Canada

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