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Visibility is not automatically equal to social progress

In the summer, big franchisers began to write themselves and their products with the most universal symbol of LGBTQ + pride: the rainbow

(Think: Facebook added a rainbow and a Skittles

All this looks good and good if brands of big brands themselves blush themselves the most universal symbol of the world for inclusion. But this propagation of the rainbow is actually the answer to that question

I wanted to know

I asked Brumly about his initial reaction to corporate changes in packaging for Pride. His comprehensive answer is: desperation-but not for reasons that you might think

"Corporate sponsorship can provide a lot of funds that would otherwise not be available, and it could lead to good things," said Broome

" The problem comes, I think when corporations dictate how things work, who should be involved and who is not allowed. Now that Pride is marked by parades, rather than parades, I stand on the side, not on the side of the street, and watch how corporations tell me that they should support me-as long as I have consistent views and money in my pocket. "

"[ Deliveries of goods] are based on the naive idea of which people believe that icons should support," Broom explains

" Acceptance always means acceptance

So, Bruhm wants us to be unable to resist the notion that the more visibility, the more social progress that will automatically compare happy life

"I think we are making a real disservice if we assume that the more rainbow flags we see, the better."

Professor Broom has a good point of view. If all the allies react with the rainbow on Facebook, then we just support the movement of something

But the benefits of the flag should not be missed

What about those who see in their window the flag of the rainbow and feel safe knowing that their human rights are supported? Doesn't matter to them?

Max Denley, lead speaker for the organization/LGBTQ + educational movement

"I can even hint at least," says Denuley

" Small rainbow flags on the doors of the dentist's office, the pronouns on the names of the bookshop staff. When you feel that you have forgotten most countries in the world or don't want them to be targeted, you are hyperaware of any signs of acceptance. This is so important to our community. "

Denli said that when he saw a rainbow linked to an organization, he increased his initial respect for the company and also placed their expectations on them to stand behind the rainbow and act accordingly

" As it may seem terrible, the general assumption is that the place will not be trained and accepted. If it is, it's a bonus, but we are preparing for the worst to protect ourselves. "

This is the reality of LGBTQ + people, and the reason why I wanted to dig deeper into the sources of "support" shown during Pride to see if the companies are legitimate allies

It's not all Slant

As it turns out, I found hope that mankind

The companies that are most open to support the LGBTQ + community are actually working from scratch

For example, Campaign Campaign Foundation's

Visibility translates into action is something that is needed for the LGBTQ + community

Denli explains how, during his journey, not to see him present, as a result of his lack of faith in who he was. "When I was growing up, Denley said," I've never seen a positive image of my community in the media. The only transsexual I've ever seen was men wearing dresses to be jokes with jokes or people

" Even though this would not solve everything that would have been reflected in the media, it would be a start. Visibility has allowed people to be themselves much earlier, much more often. But now we must help these people to be safe and equal in our society. "

This is how to support the LGBTQ + community

"If you really want to be an ally, ask the LGBTQ + people in your community that they need it," Deney said

" Do they have better access to jobs? They want to be the right gender in your space? Are they in need of financial support for their programmes? They just want to know? The most irresiable one is that an ally can do this by asking the community what he wants. "

In 2017, this sad reality is that the marginalized people are eating injustice and breakfast for breakfast. That is why it is so important that allies in LGBTQ + community commit to listen and be open to learning. Although the increase in the number of rainbow flags is not one of the solutions to combat discrimination, violence and hatred against the LGBTQ + community, it can be argued that six colors have never carried so much history and potential to change the future

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