Quick tips for the healing of your nate mother chaps

I live in eight, 21-year-old girls

If you're thinking of yourself, "it sounds like estrogen nightmare, one with a predictable apocalypse from hormonal buoys and decision making." You're right

Don't get me wrong. A lot of people have their own problems

Over time, the expensive clothes of your neighbour are likely to turn into one of three things: a general point, a tender war, or a fair exchange

There's always someone who can talk. Over time, the expensive clothes of your neighbor are likely to turn into one of three things: a general point, a tender war, or an honest exchange. Eight times you'll never be like Lizzie McGuire, the outfit, the repeater

But in all honesty, it's a lot of time. Fucking. A Nightmare

For those in similar situations, or perhaps trying to get along with two or three other neighbors, I write to remind you that, despite your frustration, you have the opportunity to learn from people

There are a few common truths to all students

First of all, there will always be a feud over dirty dishes and pizza residue in the living room. Two, no group of students living together will live together

If you plan to support your discretion and friendship with one of your neighbors, you must learn to take most of the things with salt and only solve the problems that you think are most important

... if you whine and milk (literally and figuratively), you deliberately choose the misfortune

Sharing space for life with other people is a very intimate experience, and it's easy to get to the problems you might encounter. But if you whine and strain the milk (literally and figuratively), you deliberately choose the misfortune

Number one, and you'll be thanking you later

At some point in your student career, you are likely to find a balance between these three things: academic, social life, and sleep

But you're an adult, right? So you should also finish the freelance work, and you probably should go to the gym, call your mother, drink more water, eat less gluten, update your LinkedIn, and volunteer somewhere

And, as if you hadn't had enough "grown-up" things, you should also be a designated neighbor who is responsible for boring tasks like managing/organizing hydropower, gas, and online payments

If you were put on a role, you're not interested in taking part (as an accountant at home), just know that it's really good. You will have experience of working with utilities, and it makes you be aggressive, organized and responsible if you want to enjoy the luxurious water

And most importantly, you'll know what to do when you have your own house

Sometimes (not always) living with women can feel like in a war zone, because you have no idea when someone or something is going to blow

There is no prevention plan. Nothing exists

I think it's stupid. But for another person, it's not just phone chargers and backpacks that lie around. It is about the accumulation of various left elements, loud music, garbage and dirty dishes

The point is that most people living under one roof do not

There may be competitors, jealousy or anger in a male or female student dormitory

So, if any of you get out of you because of what seems small or not, you just know that anger

Whether you cut a dirty plate (maybe 10) or something more personal, try to avoid the conflict in the future, working together to solve this problem

Here are some other tips that can prevent an escalation of the conflict (or at least prevent you from being its center):

If you are in such a situation and feel the need to fight fire with fire, you must take a sip of water. He will not only calm you down, but give you a few extra seconds to get a civilian and mature answer

Stafford not to be in politics when they were adults, but instead focused on more important things like your mental health and your grades

Find a way to remove stress

Besides, stress might look like taking a Kickboxing rate, joining a student club, volunteering, joining a sports team, poetic evenings in a local cafe or maybe just as easy as having a social group outside of your house

Even if you're very close to your neighbors, sometimes there's something that can make it a little less brilliant

I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I can be a terrible, horrible neighbor

I'm a party. Looks like a lot. I always bring new people into the house. I was hiding a stack of plates at the bottom of my mini-fridge, because one day I was cleaning my room, and it seemed to me that the refrigerator was the most logical place to put them in the fridge

Oh, and I definitely left a shower cream in the shower more than once

It's common knowledge that if there was a neighbour, a church, and I entered it, I would probably burn

... it's easy to feel like a dirty and loud neighbor in the room, but it is very likely that they will feel the same way with you

The thing is, you can easily feel how your neighbors can

If you want to confront your neighbors about certain actions that you would like to change, you should be open to hear their criticism

Regardless of whether you are the first student to move to a place of residence or a student of the fourth year, moving back to your student house, I hope that you can take some of the things from this article and apply them

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Sam is a resident Fashion SLN and blogger. She also finds time to be a student at McMaster University. For some reason