How to survive in a country with a parent

We were all there

As summer wears, and the novelty of the house leaves, you may find that being back under your parents ' roof was ... a little difficult

Within a few months, when you're at school, you're definitely changing your humble place. And if you want to accept it or not, adapting to life with parents is difficult

As you move into the mud-water of your last weeks at home, there are some common problems with living with parents ... and how to solve them

Although there is no need to tell them what you want, they are your parents. And they deserve a kind of head. Plus, there's nothing more awkward than a parent who's causing you to panic over the night with your friends

One of the ways some students keep the family in a loop is a group chat on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The others are their parents, their whereabouts, so that they don't make this evening call

In my family, we bought a calendar to watch over everything and hang it in a popular place in a house where it can't be ignored. Sounds old-fashioned, but the addition of important dates and appointments will save us time. When I'm planning to have a cup of coffee with a friend, I'll go over there and know I wouldn't get a message that I wouldn't have gotten the message

Sit down with a cup of coffee (good, you may need a glass of wine for that) and discuss all the expectations. Let your parents give their opinion on what spaces should be considered family, and what can be private

Is your room yours, not to be disturbed, under any circumstances? Tell them that's what you want. It's like a student at the University of Toronto made sure that her parents respected her desire to practice yoga in her room. Uninterrupted. One student at Carlton University even asked for a lock on his bedroom to make it private

And I mean, your parents aren't found in the kitchen, and open space for conversation is not unreasonable. So, if you work on the kitchen table, make sure you have headphones, and you know that your sister can join you

Try to break the kitchen, don't do it. Run instructions once a week. Perhaps you could be a buyer of grocery buyers or a little brother

Even as you offer your own time, you must make your parents ' days. Next time you don't forget to take milk and eggs next time, your parents won't be so inclined to freak out

In addition, you may wish to discuss financial contributions with "rent paid". The student's parent admitted to me that it was a good idea to buy grocery products or to split the gas money. It's better to get ahead of this time and avoid an explosion

Living with your parents after you're in your own can be very stressful. So you can schedule a few weekends away from home. Visit the university friends you have been missing for the past two months or visit the road with your family

The parent of a four-year university student even admitted to me that they wanted their child to be free to take part in the life of the house. Hey, your parents need a break from you, too!

Another idea: What keeps me informed is going to the coffee bookstore. I want my parents to know that I need this single date to stay in solitary confinement. But I'm always offering to take them to Joe's cup on the way back

You and your parents are older than you were. That means you have the potential to connect more with each other and talk about you didn' t have a chance when you were younger

So, taking this opportunity, you should know your parents. Some test dates are: to accompany your father to the grocery store, check out the last café with your "mother", morning coffee with the whole crew, or go out for a walk after lunch

Regardless of your age, either 19 or 50, your parents will remain in office. Everyone's ever felt that the parents were moneatsier once, but remember that they might find it hard to understand how much you grew up

All calls on the phone, as well as the demands that you eat every Sunday with them, are small things that can help them feel connected to you. The big growth won't happen overnight, but I hope these tips will give you a little bit of adjustment

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Leah Coppella is studying at Carlton University. Seller and plot lover, Lee' s often seen with a book or coffee in his hands (usually both)